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Jessica Bartley is a singer, esthetician and make up artist, combining all her talents to create some pretty amazing projects.
I was so young when I became interested in music. When I was little my mom and I would always listen to music in the car. At 6 or 7 I’d gotten my first karaoke machine, and I would put on shows for my fish tank singing Mariah Carey songs.  And I thought I was great!
I loved Motown, I wanted to be a Supreme, and there were more complications than I thought when that came to my future   and me.  I think I always wanted to do it, but it always scared me too.
 I started my first band when I was 16 with my first serious boyfriend…

 I studied mass communications and broadcast media. I really thought that I wanted to work in radio.

I moved to NY in January of 05.  I didn’t tell anyone I was moving but my brother and I threw everything in the car and he helped move me out here. I wanted it to be a clean break and not have anyone talk me out of it.

I wound up living in Astoria after I met Erin (who I am in Cudzoo with). We met because we were the only white girl nanny’s at the rich kid school. I fell in love with Astoria immediately.

I remember getting a ticket on the subway in Bushwick when I first moved here. The police officer was like, “Oh sweetheart. you should move to Queens.” I was like what does that even mean? He said, “You are a good girl, you shouldn’t be living in this neighborhood.” I was so annoyed, I was like I’m cool, and I could live in the hood…

I loved that my apartment was big and beautiful. Also, that there was a sense of neighborhood and a lot of creative people and a lot of artists without it being pretentious at all. Everyone has a separate life and everyone has a creative side but it doesn’t have to be the only thing we talk about.

What I didn’t love about Brooklyn was that there were a lot of creative people who were busy talking about how they were creative and less busy about creating.

I wanted to do more creative things and I found such a good group of people to start that part of my life with.

Cudzoo started with three girls who drank too much and wanted to throw parties. We started insisting we were a band and we weren’t a band yet. We wanted Cudzoo to be like a girl group. It needs to be like the Ronettes, or the Supremes, or the Shirelle’s. It needs to be fun or over the top.  It didn’t take long; we were pretty motivated and started playing out right away.

I’m in a new band with my friends Liisa and Sarah called the Spinster’s. I’ve never had such a free, creative project before. It’s a little bit country and I love that about it. I was really flattered that they asked me.

I have a new project called Esthekitchen. Mamrie had a meeting with some people that were looking for someone to bring a fresh new approach to wellness in video format. The webisodes are 3 minutes long and it’s shot like a cooking show. It’s simple easy solutions; home care remedies and beauty products. We made it approachable, easy, funny and fun.  It’s on

I need to start going back to the kitchen and whipping up some new recipes.

Between Cudzoo, starting a new project, Esthekitchen and working (I work full-time at the Boom Boom Brow Bar) I’m pretty busy.

In 5 years I want to own my own business in the beauty industry. I love what I do, so it doesn’t matter how I get to participate as long as I get to participate.

Check out Cudzoo and the Fagettes

Check out Esthekitchen

Jess’s beauty tips
1. Drink enough water! Don’t know how much is enough!? Check this jbe post for details
2. Follow my Grandmas advice! No sun. No soap. No smoking!
3. Follow a routine! Your skin is like a toddler. It wants consistency! Cleanse, tone and Moisturize EVERY night before bed.
My favorite affordable cleanser is Purpose by Johnson and Johnson. A great alternative to expensive toner… Try lavender or rose-water. Or make your own by following my recipe on EstheKithen! …
4. Use an SPF everyday! This is not your mamas ozone anymore, you NEED protection! Rain or shine.
5. Be sure to use a gentle exfoliant 1-2 times a week. Say NO to the St. Ives, that stuff doesn’t belong anywhere near your face. Want a quick all natural alternative? Try my strawberries and cream facial exfoliant! ….

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